World Cup: Marketer’s Game

World Cup fever strikes the nations,
Garnering international participation.
Sports bars brim and spill out fans,
Chatter dominated by plays and game plans.

And though we researchers would never stream games at work,
(who’d imagine we’d obsess over anything but “Quirks”)
Our analytic sensibility couldn’t help but notice
These fútbol games through a marketing focus.

Viewers fixate and pine for the golden prize
While advertisers exploit their riveted eyes

Visa and Coke gain, sponsoring FIFA’s identity
Ambush marketers do too, despite risk of penalty

The Cup’s social storm makes other sports look weak
As engagement soars, so too the game’s mystique

Thus brands enter the game, hoping to score a goal
And choose ads with emotion to resonate in the soul

Exciting times as brands reach global fame
Artfully inspiring with each ad frame.
We ’re proud of researchers’ role in this Cup
Helping clients score by moving sales up.

So whether you root for Dempsey or Messi,
Or associate more strongly with shoe brands or Pepsi
Wear your marketing jersey and give us an assist,
Share with us YOUR thoughts; we’d love a long list.

What did you love and what did you hate?
What made you wake early, or stay up late?

Did you cheer for your home country or the one you’re in now?
Which players made you jump and scream “Oh, wow!”?

Which ad kept you talking once the last whistle blew?
These questions aren’t rhetorical, we want to hear from you!

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