Say cheese

jdateAs luck would have it, I have ended up as the “face” for this or that. It’s not the worst problem.

First came JDate. Just what every girl wants: to advertise her single status! Not exactly. Little did I know when I agreed to do the shoot, that my screen name would be included in the ad! Haha, I did get some strange emails. For 6 months, the entire back page of the LA Jewish Journal featured me. It was flattering and funny. I still have a few copies. (Right)

Then in 2010, my mom was in Dallas and called me eagerly to tell me that I was on the AIPAC poster hanging in the local Federation’s lobby. That one was a complete surprise to me. A happy surprise. For a year at least, there I was on AIPAC promo materials alongside my friend Leeor. (Above)

So long as I represent the Tribe well, I’m happy to do it. 🙂

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