Foreshadowing much?

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My grandmother MamaMagda Babe recently moved out of her little house. While helping her move, we stumbled upon a collection of keepsakes she’d held onto. Among the many treasures we discovered were some of my earliest newspaper articles!

I found my interview with supermodel Christie Brinkley and country star Tanya Tucker. She didn’t have my Billy Joel article – though here’s a funny tidbit there:

I interviewed Joel at the same time as I interviewed his wife Brinkley. Years later, while attending NYU, I saw Joel in concert. He sang his famous song, “Uptown Girl.” But with his divorce quite fresh, he changed the words at our performance: “Uptown girl, but I’m not married to her anymore…” Everyone laughed uncomfortably. They’d seemed so happy together in 1990.

It was so exciting to interview the people I’d read about, listened to and seen on TV. Sharing stories and seeing my name in print made me feel so proud. It was addictive. The seeds for a career in journalism were sown long ago. We might have guessed it.

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